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Do you want to promote your Minecraft Server, your website or youtube channel?

It has never been so simple! Jitterclick.it is a new constantly growing reality. With more than 150k monthly pageviews, your promotional campaign will reach a very wide number of users.
We are now launching Jitterclick.it's official Advertisement campaign: as cheap as $5 per week you can rent an advertisement space on the website and make your product or youtube channel popular.
At the moment we offer only one type of advertisement: a 300x300px square banner.
Last but not least, buying an advertisement space on the website is a way to help us grow and work with much more effort on the website!

$5/Week? I want to know some data about the website!

MetricAug 2016Oct 2016Dec 2016
Sessions60 K100 K105 K
Users41 K70 K72 K
Pageviews95 K150 K150 K
New Sessions60%
Shares1+ K2,2+ K2,835
Alexa Rank*550,000450,000233,492
* = Lower is better
As you can see the website growth is of about 50%. You will be contacted by our staff for advertisement planning (we will let you know the effective available dates) and we will tell you our advertising guidelines.