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About Jitterclick.it

Jitterclick.it born as a small website, made from sketch in order to train people on how to jitterclick (click the mouse as fast as possible) by the advice of some friends, that wanted to perform better in PvP Minecraft: Once I was given all the ideas I started developing a small javascript and a HTML page. The website only contained a box for clicking and a click indicator. So simple yet so good that my friends found started sharing this new born site with all their friends, and they started challenging each other, sharing their results as screenshot. At this point I introduced a results tracking system, and the first CPS Graph (that awful, unresponsive chart!). A few months later I decided to register the official domain "jitterclick.it", and I made it as a standalone website, as you see it today. Day by day jitterclick.it became a very stable and well-known website.
I created this website in order to give help to some friends that wanted to measure how fast they were clicking and it became popular in just a bit.


  • November 2016: Jitterclick.it was ranked as the 500.000th website in the world
  • Jitterclick.it Registered 750K sessions in 2016, with an approximate growth of about 3.802,75%.
  • December 2016: More than 1000 tests per hour
  • December 2016: More than 13K shares on social networks
  • January 2017: Ranked in the ALEXA TOP 200K websites. Very satisfying results! Redesign of the website
  • January 2017: More than 100 active users on the forums
  • February 2017: Jitterclick.it went cloud!
  • March 2017: 500.000 average tests per month
  • April 2017: 500 Likes on Facebook
  • June 2017: 5 Million total tests recorded
  • July 2017: 1,000 Likes on Facebook
  • September 2018: Complete redesign of the site
  • February 2018: Total infrastructure change, server improvements
  • December 2018: Over 13 million total tests recorded in the database
  • -Thank you! -84GH3


  • 84GH3 - Website owner & Developer
  • Jamboy - Gave some ideas to create the website


  • ItsDarkYT - German translation

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