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Jitterclick F.A.Q.

What is jitter click?

Jitter Click is a gaming technique that allows you to click the mouse very quickly. This can be done by using the vibration of the muscles in your arm, and by transmitting vibrations to your fingers, pressing mouse's buttons

What is it useful for?

Jitterclick is widely used in online gaming, as a weapon to achieve an advantage on rivals: one of the most popular uses is PvP (1 vs. 1).
Minecraft™ is one of the most popular example of PvP game that needs jitterclicking.

How do I Jitterclick?

There isn't a precise way to jitterclick: in fact every player has his own personal technique, and his secrets to use it better, anyway the most diffused technique consists in making the arm vibrate, and to transmit the vibration to the mouse keys with fingers.
Here a video that explains how to jitterclick:

Help! I heard that jitterclicking may be harmful

If you abuse jitterclicking, it can provocate serious harm to your muscles and arms. These harms could have effects in the mid-long term, provoking for instance the Carpal tunnel Syndrome. Jitterclick.it, Declines every kind of responsibility for jitterclick-related body harm.

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